Sleep Easy

24th October 2018

This Sunday, the clocks are set to go back. Marking the end of Daylight Saving Time, it’s the start of winter and darker evenings – but it does mean we get an extra hour in bed!

For some of us, that extra hour is golden, but for others, it’s just another hour of bad sleep. Whether it’s stress, outside traffic, or someone snoring next to you, many of us find it hard to get quality sleep at night. So, let’s do something about it!

Boots in Garden Square has a great range of products in store to help you drift off.

Keep Warm

At this time of the year, you really start to feel the cold. You’ve probably already switched the heating on for a chilly morning or evening. Staying warm overnight is very important for your health during the winter months. The NHS recommends that you keep your bedroom at 18C overnight or use an electric blanket, especially if you are over 65 or have a health condition. Boots has a range of electric blankets, throws and mattress protectors to help keep you cosy at night. With auto switch off timers and a range of heat settings, they’re completely safe to use, and can cost as little at 1p a night to run. Why not get your older relative (or yourself!) an early Christmas present?


Our busy modern lives are full of day-to-day stresses and anxieties. Whether it’s work, the daily commute, or a hundred different little things, stress and worry can make it impossible to just “switch off” and get a good night’s sleep. Treat the problem naturally with alternative therapies from Boots. Based on traditional use, these therapies promote natural sleep, and can aid a range of sleep difficulties. Whether you have trouble getting to sleep, are temporarily disturbed in the night, or experience worry and irritability that prevents quality sleep, there’s an alternative therapy that could suit you. Talk to your Boots pharmacist about what could help.


Sleep problems can often be caused by something you’ve put into your body. Avoid stimulants in the evening: caffeine is the obvious one, but sugar and nicotine are also culprits. Although alcohol helps you drift off, it can also cause broken sleep, so you may find that you wake up feeling tired after a nightcap. Eating a big meal late at night can cause discomfort and bloating, so try to leave a gap between dinner and bedtime. Boots has a great range of herbal teas that are warming, relaxing and don’t contain stimuli.


As kids, we always knew when our bedtime was, as adults we tend to be a bit more flexible! If your bedtime varies a lot, you’re always up late, or you often take naps in the day, it can really get your body clock out of sync. Having a bedtime routine will aid a natural sleep cycle and help you get consistently good quality sleep.

Visit Boots in Garden Square to browse the range of sleep aids and make the most of your extra hour in bed this Sunday.