Christmas Event is a Roaring Success!

13th December 2017

Hot on the heels of the successful Christmas Lights Switch on event, where Garden Square welcomed the eye-popping Spark! to the town, the shopping centre hosted another head-turning act on Saturday 9th December.

From the Forests of Eternal Snow padded the giant Snow Lion; a mythic emblem of the season, celebrating the light of human kindness in the depths of winter’s darkest days. Accompanied by the Red Queen and her servant, the Snow Lion offered protection to this powerful feminine archetype, herself a role model for young girls seeking an alternative to Mother Christmas.

Combining animatronic puppetry, spectacular costumes and music, it proved to be an experience like no other! Children and their families filled Garden Square to witness the mystery and majesty of the largest lion to walk the earth, as it walked around the malls and posed for photos with onlookers.

People took to social media after the event to enthuse about the Lion’s appearance at Garden Square:

Heather Almond said: “It was a lovely magical touch to the town centre. Well done!”

“My kids were so excited on Saturday when they woke up and it was frosty. They thought the Snow Lion had brought the frost with him! They were even more enthralled having met the Snow Lion and having woken up to snow this morning. Thank you for organising the snow!”

Helen Beven

Jack Philbin, Garden Square’s Centre Manager, says: “We were delighted to welcome the Snow Lion, Red Queen and her servant to Garden Square. The shopping centre came to a standstill as people watched in awe of this head-turning act. Footfall to the shopping centre significantly increased on the day. We look forward to hosting more events and shows at the shopping centre throughout 2018.”

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